So, what now?  After spending the past several weeks working on new pieces for two back to back shows in New York this summer at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts June 19 and 20 and June 26 and 27, we have decided to give Accessories; the Show a look this weekend.  This is the trade show I have been reading about and agonizing over for months now. Its a juried show that sells directly to the accessories trade, which is a good thing in theory, but, it is also a VERY expensive show to do, so we thought we would check it out before committing to it.  We have a lot of other irons in the fire as well,  which is both good news AND bad news, because nothing is carved in stone and everything is open to possibility.

We were accepted into the Sausalito Art Festival this September, which is a first. We are waiting to hear on a number of other art shows, as well as on a proposal we submitted to the Chickwagon organization in Calgary this summer.   Then there is updating and redesigning our website, writing a business plan, developing and implementing a publicity campaign, writing and distributing press releases…and wondering why on earth we weren’t born rich instead!  We would both be so good at being rich.

Well its off to the studio again to keep pressing forward.