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  I hardly know where to start so I will jump right in. We got into nearly every high end craft show you can think of last year and this year – nothing.  I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  The work was better, the photographs were better, the booth was perfect, but so far, the only high end show we’ve been accepted to is the Sausalito Art Festival. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve gotten into some really good mid level shows like the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole in September, and the Artscape show in Baltimore, but really? No Smithsonian Craft Show, no Philadelphia Craft Show, no Washington Craft show, no NOTHING?

So, I got pissed….these handbags are off the richter scale amazing, but we are STARVING to death out here, so the concept of “if you build it, they will come” acted as the major guidepost of my career, I would wind up being the best undiscovered handbag designer of my generation.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Not by a long shot. So, I went back to the studio and started work on a series of new handbags I will be debuting on this site over the next few days.  I am also starting my marketing campaign and have a stack of snail mail letters I am sending out today, in the belief that the dying art of snail mail campaigns may actually work in my favor.  After all, when is the last time anyone sent YOU something in the mail?  A facebook posting, a twitter update – those are all fine, but a piece of mail you can  hold in your hands?  Priceless….

But here’s the thing.  After sitting around the studio wondering what in the I was doing with myself, and beating myself up because I feel like I have lost the ability to make things happen the way I used to, I realized that the difference between now and then is that I was too naive when I first started out all those years ago to know that I wasn’t “supposed” to be succeeding at what I was succeeding at.  It didn’t phase me one bit to knock on doors or send inquiry letters and once, I even wrote the Metropolitan Museum of Art to ask them to give me a show of my own after I read that some crappy ceramic artist had a retrospective of his work and I figured, MY work ISN’T crappy, and I, too, was an “innovator” so why not?  The worst they could say was no.

My dance card is filled to the brim with upcoming events.  The American Crafts Festival at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts at the end of June.  Artscape, in Baltimore.  Bele Chere in Asheville.  Our first wholesale show at Accessories; the Show, in New York the first weekend in August. Sausalito, Jackson Hole, Charlotte, North Carolina in October…..Its overwhelming, but its fun and it all started because I got pissed.   Its like Marilyn Monroe once said…”if I’d have observed all the rules, I’d have never gotten anywhere”. Its time for me to get where I want to go….