I was so excited to finish the new crop of bags yesterday that I neglected to post anything about why the bags are so special. Each of the new series of bags incorporates vintage elements I found on ebay and I love that added touch. The Poker handbag, for example, has three vintage poker chips from the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas circa 1960. The checkerboard bag has vintage checkers, with the red, Crowns and the black, the Empire State Building.  The radio has bakelite knobs and a carved grill to provide added depth.  I’ve posted the nickle handbag before but thought I would add it to the line up because they look so good together.  I have a few more pictures of less “whimsical” work to post in the next few days, but I really feel I am on to something here and I am         delighted to see where they will go.

This is going to be huge.  And you read it here first…..