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Come join me at the Sausalito Art Festival at Marinship Park in Sausalito, California on September 4, 5 and 6.  I will be in booth 317, on the grass,near the tennis courts.  I will also have a piece on display at the Western Design Conference at the Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole, September 10, 11, 12. Hope to see you there!

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This will come as a shocker, but I don’t know everything.

I do know what I don’t know though, and what I’ve been told is that I don’t know how hard it has been to read my blog posts because of the white on black typeface.  So, Sharon and David, let me know what you think….. So far, I like it.  But I liked the other one too, so what do I know?

I also know that its time to announce that it looks like one of the orders I took at the Accessories Show is going to come through and its a doozy!  I met a pair of very stylish young sisters from Dubai who own a boutique called Fleurt, at the Mercato Mall, and from what I’ve read about their shop, I am excited and honored that they have chosen to give the handbags a try.

I am also hard at work on putting the finishing touches on new pieces for the Sausalito Art Festival over Labor Day weekend, and I am about to finish up a bag for the Western Design Conference at the Pavillions at Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole that I kind of hope doesn’t sell because I LOVE it!  Its no secret that anyone who knows me knows I love old Westerns and this new bag, which borrows liberally from an old Hopalong Cassidy radio I have coveted for a long time, is GORGEOUS.  It has taken FOREVER to paint, but I never claimed to be the fastest painter in the world.   I am pleased with the results AND the vintage radio dials I found on ebay to help complete the look.   Watch this space for pictures because I can assure you I will post photos of it when its done…

I also want to honor another request with this post. I have been asked many times to include pictures of what the “rest” of a finished bag looks like, so I posted those pictures at the top of the blog so you can see what a completed bag looks like, inside and out. After mentioning a hundred times about how that box of fabric I opened two years ago gave me a ten million dollar idea, I finally realized it would be nice to show how the fabric finishes the look.

As a reminder, the fifty percent off sale on any canvas tote on our website is good until Friday.  Send me an email with your phone number and  I will give you a call to arrange payment, since we don’t have a shopping cart. Shipping is not included in this offer, but over the next few months, we will have other sales that will!

Here’s the  thing….I come by my stubborn streak honestly, but I DO eventually listen to your suggestions.  Because I know what I don’t know.  And I know enough to admit that I don’t know everything!