Just got back from the Sausalito Art Festival last night.  After 96 hours in a van loaded to the rafters (do vans even HAVE rafters?) two weeks, and 5575 miles later, there is SO much wonderful stuff to report.  I have been trying to get into the Sausalito Art Festival since I first became an artist, and I can honestly say that the hype was everything I had hoped it might be.  The staff at the festival makes everything so effortless; the tents were set up for us, electricity was provided, volunteers were on hand to ferry your equipment to your booth.  We were given food coupons for all three days of the festival, so no one had to stand in long lines waiting to order $8.00 hamburgers, or $4.00 cups of ice cream.  Breakfast AND lunch were provided, and the opening night festivities were perfection…an open bar, sushi, dim sum and antipasto, followed by dinner and dancing in the main tent.  There were two bands who played on opening night, and enough food for an army, plus I actually sold on opening night,  unheard of at events like this.

The weather was unbelievable; it was between 79 and 84 degrees, and the location was sublime…right on the bay where hundreds of houseboats and sailboats were either docked or moored.  The Bangles, The Fixx, Jefferson Starship and Dave Mason all played at the main tent, and local bands played on a smaller, more intimate stage, not 100 feet from my booth.  I was busy all weekend long and made a number of sales on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday was quieter, until a woman showed up asking me to call a collector who bought five handbags on Saturday. My initial response was one of dread; usually when that happens, something is broken, chipped, doesn’t match the couch, the husband didn’t like it, the handle broke,  or there is some other problem.  I was absolutely delighted beyond belief to find out that this collector wanted to buy even more bags, and I can’t wait to find out what new bags I get to make for her!

As if that wasn’t enough, I got a call on the way home from a handbag rep who wants to promote my line in Florida,  and THEN I got an email from a gallery owner in Florida who also wants to purchase some bags for a gallery in Naples.  I got an idea for a new line of handbags based on vintage travel trailers, and when I got home, my house sitter asked if I wanted some slightly damaged luggage stickers that her grandmother, who helped found Swiss Air, collected from the 1930’s to use on bags,
and when I saw what she had to offer, I flipped.

I can hardly wait to get back into the studio.  It feels really good to know that I not only had a good show and an excellent time in San Francisco, but that I am more convinced than ever that I am onto something really huge…